The Whistler
was a mystery/suspense radio show, the main star of which was the ironic twist at the end of almost every episode. Usually a criminal's activity was exposed either by an overlooked (vital) detail or by their own stupidity. The Whistler himself narrated, often commenting directly upon the action, taunting the criminal from an omniscient perspective. Each episode began with a haunting tune composed by Wilbur Hatch and whistled by Dorothy Roberts.

Please note: we've added new episodes, interspersing the previously-listed shows in correct (original broadcast) order. The previously-listed shows are now marked with an asterisk (*) to help listeners avoid repeats. You can still access the original listings here.

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     Safety in Numbers  Juggernaut*  The Back Door  
     A Woman's Privilege  Ambassador of Death*  The Stolen Chance  
     Eight to Twelve  The Gentle Way*  Dark Moon*  
     Blue Legend  The Two Lives of Colby Fletcher  The Body off Billingsgate*  
     Murder of Byron Blake  Beyond Reasonable Doubt*  The Professor and the Fox*  
     Mavis Cameron Disappears  Borrowed Byline  Wedding Gift  
     The Sheriff's Assistant*  Dark Future*  The First Year  
     Maid Of Honor*  Whispered Verdict  Comeback  
     Backlash*  Girl Next Door*  Silent Partner  
     The Black Book*  Curtain Call  Twelve Portraits of Marcia  
     Windfall*  The Eleventh Hour  Night Final  
     18 Bowden Lane*  Bridge on Black Mountain  Quiet Suicide  
     Hasty Conclusion*  Death and the Emperor  Meeting on 10th Street  
     Fateful Friday  Career Man*  Boiling Point*  
     Caesar's Wife*  Man of Distinction*  Return Engagement*