The Whistler
was a mystery/suspense radio show, the main star of which was the ironic twist at the end of almost every episode. Usually a criminal's activity was exposed either by an overlooked (vital) detail or by their own stupidity. The Whistler himself narrated, often commenting directly upon the action, taunting the criminal from an omniscient perspective. Each episode began with a haunting tune composed by Wilbur Hatch and whistled by Dorothy Roberts.

Please note: we've added new episodes, interspersing the previously-listed shows in correct (original broadcast) order. The previously-listed shows are now marked with an asterisk (*) to help listeners avoid repeats. You can still access the original listings here.

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     Beloved Fraud  Return of the Innocent*  Summer Thunder*  
     Beware the Bridegroom  To Rent Danger*  The Man Who Came to Murder*  
     Death Sees Double  Meet Mr. Death*  What Makes a Murderer*  
     Death Walks a Tightwire*  The Master's Tree  X Marks the Murderer*  
     Doctor Operates in Crime*  Accident According to Plans*  I'll Trade You Murder  
     Lie or Consequences*  The Man Who Bought Death*  Ambition Perilous  
     Two for the Money*  Escape to Danger  Phone Call from Death*  
     The Body Wouldn't Stay in the Bay*  Murder is Blind*  Sing a Song of Murder*  
     Murder Had a Signature*  Death Pays A Visit*  The Man Who Died Twice*  
     Seascape*  Blueprint for Suicide*  Death Wears a White Robe*  
     Murder on Paper*  Death Watch*  Death Laughs Last*  
     Murder is Legal  Deadly Innocent*  The House on Sycamore Road*  
     The Dead Man Laughed*  Highway of Escape*  Final Return*  
     Danger is a Beautiful Blonde*  Pattern for Terror*  Harvest of Death*  
     Murder Will Shout*  Let George Do It  The Seeing Eye*