The Whistler
was a mystery/suspense radio show, the main star of which was the ironic twist at the end of almost every episode. Usually a criminal's activity was exposed either by an overlooked (vital) detail or by their own stupidity. The Whistler himself narrated, often commenting directly upon the action, taunting the criminal from an omniscient perspective. Each episode began with a haunting tune composed by Wilbur Hatch and whistled by Dorothy Roberts.

Please note: we've added new episodes, interspersing the previously-listed shows in correct (original broadcast) order. The previously-listed shows are now marked with an asterisk (*) to help listeners avoid repeats. You can still access the original listings here.

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     Retribution  The Weakling*  Destiny  
     Shrunken Head  Nemesis*  Tangled Web  
     Notes in the Night  The Thief  Blind Alley  
     The Letter*  In the Dark  Mirage  
     House of Greed*  Fool's Gold  Patients for the Doctor  
     Fog*  The Penalty  The Doctor Prescribes Death  
     Jealousy  The Killers  Last of the Deveraux*  
     Urge to Kill  Death Has a Thirst*  Foolproof  
     Malice*  The Man Who Waited  Local Storm  
     Death Comes at Midnight*  Shadow of a Mind  Black Magic  
     Apparition*  Justice*  Married to Murder  
     The Other Woman*  House of Fear  Not If I Kill You First*  
     Avarice  The Avengers  Finders Weepers*  
     The Accounting  An Eye for an Eye  Tale of the Dead Man Told*  
     Double Cross  Death in the Air  Death Carries a Lunch Kit