Suspense, "radio's outstanding theater of thrills", was one of the premier programs of the Golden Age of Radio, featuring a who's who of Hollywood stars spread out over its 900+ episodes.  Scripts focused on suspense/thriller/mystery plots, typically involving a normal person being thrown into a bizarre or dangerous situation, with the solution withheld until the last moment--often with a surprising twist.

Guest stars included Cary Grant, Orson Welles, Frank Sinatra, Agnes Moorehead (pictured), Humphrey Bogart, Lucille Ball and Marlene Dietrich.  The show ran from 1942 to 1962.

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     Aria From Murder  Fragile-Contents Death  The Windy City Six (Fred MacMurray)  
     The Death Parade (Agnes Moorehead)  The Gift of Jumbo Brannigan  Vision of Death  
     Three Lethal Words (Joan Crawford)  Death Pitch  Murder in G Flat (Jack Benny)  
     When the Bough Breaks (R. Russell)  Death on my Hands  Another Man's Poison (Charles Boyer)  
     Overdrawn (Dick Powell)  Tell You Why I Shouldn't Die  The Truth About Jerry Baxter (G. Peck)  
     The Greatest Thief in the World  The Case for Dr. Singer  Report on the Jolly Death Riders (W. Holden)  
     Steel River Prison Break  The Evil of Adelaide Winters  Neal Cream Doctor of Poison (C. Laughton)