Suspense, "radio's outstanding theater of thrills", was one of the premier programs of the Golden Age of Radio, featuring a who's who of Hollywood stars spread out over its 900+ episodes.  Scripts focused on suspense/thriller/mystery plots, typically involving a normal person being thrown into a bizarre or dangerous situation, with the solution withheld until the last moment--often with a surprising twist.

Guest stars included Cary Grant, Orson Welles, Frank Sinatra, Agnes Moorehead (pictured), Humphrey Bogart, Lucille Ball and Marlene Dietrich.  The show ran from 1942 to 1962.

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     Good Night, Mrs. Russell (Bette Davis)  Momentum (Victor Mature)  The Search for Isabell (Red Skelton)  
     The Murder of Aunt Delia  The Red-Headed Woman (L. Ball)  The Long Wait (Burt Lancaster)  
     For Love or Murder (Mickey Rooney)  The Flame Blue Glove (Lana Turner)  Double Entry  
     Four Hours to Kill (Robert Taylor)  The Escape of Lacey Abbott  Mr. Diogenes (Ozzie and Harriet Nelson)  
     Consideration (Rosalind Russell)  The Butcher's Wife (Kirk Douglas)  Murder Strikes Three Times (M. Dietrich)  
     Slow Burn (Dick Powell)  Lady Killer (Loretta Young)  Motive for Murder (Alan Ladd)  
     One and One's a Lonesome (R. Reagan)  Blood Sacrifice (Joseph Cotten)  Salvage  
     Six Feet Under  The Chain (Agnes Moorehead)  Statement of Mary Blake  
     The Man in the Room  Angel Face (Claire Trevor)  Very Much Like a Nightmare  
     A Case of Nerves (Edward G. Robinson)  The Case of Henri Vibard (C. Boyer)  The One Millionth Joe  
     Love, Honor or Murder  True Report  Over the Bounding Main  
     The Crowd (Dana Andrews)  Fly By Night (Joseph Cotten)  The Rose Garden  
     Rave Notice (Milton Berle)  The Wages of Sin (B. Stanwyck)  Too Hot to Live (Richard Widmark)  
     The Victoria Cross (Herbert Marshall)  Blood on the Trumpet (W. Holden)  On a Country Road (Cary Grant)  
     Going, Going, Gone (Ozzie & Harriet)  The Lady in the Red Hat  After the Movies (Ray Milland)  
     A Killing in Abilene (Alan Ladd)  Christmas for Carole  A Ring for Marya  
     Alibi Me (Mickey Rooney)  Vamp til Dead (Ginger Rogers)  The Well-Dressed Corpse