Suspense, "radio's outstanding theater of thrills", was one of the premier programs of the Golden Age of Radio, featuring a who's who of Hollywood stars spread out over its 900+ episodes.  Scripts focused on suspense/thriller/mystery plots, typically involving a normal person being thrown into a bizarre or dangerous situation, with the solution withheld until the last moment--often with a surprising twist.

Guest stars included Cary Grant, Orson Welles, Frank Sinatra, Agnes Moorehead (pictured), Humphrey Bogart, Lucille Ball and Marlene Dietrich.  The show ran from 1942 to 1962.

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     Til Death Do Us Part  A Week Ago Wednesday  Cabin B-13  
     The Marvelous Barastro (O. Welles)  I Had an Alibi (Keenan Wynn)  Footfalls  
     Sorry Wrong Number (A. Moorehead)  Lazarus Walks (O. Welles)  My Dear Niece  
     Love's Lovely Counterfeit (H. Bogart)  Nobody Loves Me (Peter Lorre)  My Wife Geraldine  
     Nothing Up My Sleeve  The Defense Rests (Alan Ladd)  The Fountain Plays  
     To Find Help (Frank Sinatra)  The Hitchhiker (O. Welles)  The Plan (Claire Trevor)  
     August Heat (Ronald Colman)  Sneak Preview (Joseph Cotten)  Feast of the Furies  
     The Man Who Knew How (C. Laughton)  Fear Paints a Picture (Lana Turner)  The Dead Sleep Lightly  
     Menace in Wax  The Cave of Ali Baba  A Passage to Beneris  
     Lord of the Witch Doctors  The Man Without a Body  Three Blind Mice  
     Consequence (James Stewart)  The Ten Grand (Lucille Ball)  Dark Journey  
     The Doctor Prescribed Death (Lugosi)  In Fear and Trembling (Mary Astor)  The Bride Vanishes  
     The Customers Like Murder  Mr. Markham, Antique Dealer  The Argyle Album  
     Portrait Without a Face  Thieves Fall Out (Gene Kelly)  Dime a Dance  
     Voyage Through Darkness (de Havilland)  Beyond Good and Evil (Jos. Cotten)  The Singing Walls  
     Too Little to Live On (Ozzie & Harriet)  Marry for Murder (Lillian Gish)  X-ray Camera  
     Death at Live Oak (Robert Mitchum)  Always Room at the Top  Backseat Driver