Stand By For Crime featured Glenn Langan (pictured) playing news anchor Chuck Morgan, whose position at radio station KOP in Los Angeles allowed access to hot news tips from police Lt. Bill Miggs.  Never one to shy away from a scoop, Morgan's ensuing investigations always landed him in the middle of the action, where he eventually would solve whatever mysteries presented themselves along the way.

Although not a household name even in his day, Langan's warm noir-type narration lent itself nicely to the well-balanced scripts, and his natural chemistry with real-life wife Adele Jurgens (as 'Gal Friday' Carol Curtis) made the show popular with listeners.  He eventually earned a measure of cult star status as the 60-foot hero of the classic sci-fi movie The Amazing Colossal Man.

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     The Communist Menace  Trixie's Bank Heist  A Spy Ring in June  
     Luke Larson's Murder  Gladstone Smith Murder  Quinton McClean's Fortune  
     Mark Adams Murder  Displaced Into Danger  The Clueless Crime Spree  
     Marijuana Mystery  Lonely Hearts Club of Doom  The Sniper  
     Queenie's $10,000 Alibi  The Kidnapper's New Shoes  Naomi Needs an Operation  
     Prisoners of the Revolution  Eddie Flore's Frame-Up  Subversive Activities  
     The Tennant Jewels Stolen  Hollywood Love Triangle  Death On The Tracks  
     Baby Betsy's Mother  Mr. Hendrick's Mines of Murder  The Light  
     The Black Hand  The Wetback Murders