The Adventures of Sam Spade
was a suspense/detective radio show starring Howard Duff (pictured) in the colorful title role along with Lurene Tuttle as his secretary Effie.  It was based on the private detective character created by Dashiell Hammett, well-known from the book and movie The Maltese Falcon.  The show ran from 1946 to 1951.  Duff was replaced by Steve Dunne in later episodes.

Scriptwriter Bob Tallman received an Edgar Award for Best Radio Drama from the Mystery Writers of America.  The show was sponsored by Wildroot Cream Oil.

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     The Red Star Caper  The Rowdy Dowser Caper      
     The Cloak and Dagger Caper  The Hail and Farewell Caper      
     The Chateau McLeoud Caper  The Bow Window Caper      
     The String of Death Caper  The Maltese Falcon-part 1 (BBC production)      
     The Sure Thing Caper  The Maltese Falcon-part 2 (BBC production)      
     The Soap Opera Caper  The Maltese Falcon-part 3 (BBC production)      
     The Red Amapola Caper (rehearsal)  The Maltese Falcon-part 4 (BBC production)      
     The Honest Thief Caper (rehearsal)        
     The Crab Louie Caper        
     The Spanish Prisoner Caper        
     The Sinister Siren Caper        
     The Kimberly Cross Caper        
     The Vendetta Caper        
     The Denny Shane Caper        
     The Civic Pride Caper    The Biddle Riddle Caper