Rocky Jordan
starred Jack Moyles (pictured) playing an American running The Cafe Tambourine in Cairo, Egypt.  His attempts to avoid trouble were always in vain, placing him in the middle of a new mystery/adventure every week. 

The episodes were executed via typical noir-style narration, but the departure from the usual hard-boiled detective character, as well as careful attention to authentic sound effects, music and other details, gave the series a fresh and exotic feel which made it a favorite with fans.

There were several runs of the show, beginning under the name A Man Named Jordan, beginning in 1945 and continuing as late as 1957.  George Raft played the title role in some later-version episodes.

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     The Bartered Bridegroom  Red Stands for Blood  The Big Ditch  
     Count Me Out  Twenty Fathoms Under  Journey to Nashier  
     The Lady from Tangiers  The Two O'Clock Man  The Map of Murder  
     The Genacos Affair  The St. Louis Blues  The Broken Wing  
     The Man in the Morgue  Passport for Vivi  The Race  
     Valley of the Dead  Everything Shipshape  The Coward of Mutah Kahn  
     Strangers Three  Portrait of Rocky  Varlachi  
     Ace-High Straight  My Quiet Friend  Gold Fever  
     Up in Flames  Consignment for Naples  Cairo Vendetta  
     The Man in the Nile  Fall Guy  The Gum Queen  
     Death in the Sand  Lady in Disguise  The Lady from Istanbul  
     Escapade with Paula  The Make-Up Man  A Stranger to the Desert  
     The Case of the Sleepy Camel  Desert Betrayal  Adventure with Andrea  
     Baksheesh Boy  The Man They All Loved  The Nile Runs High  
     Champagne, Caviar and Hot Ice  The Man from Damascus  Memento from Adelaide