Richard Diamond, Private Detective starred popular big-screen actor Dick Powell as the sophisticated and sharp-tongued gumshoe.  Joining Diamond was girlfriend Helen Asher, played by Virginia Gregg, who also voiced Betty Lewis on Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar

The series started in 1949 on NBC but eventually moved to ABC in 1951 and on to CBS in 1953, enjoying a well-received run.  Powell, a Hollywood song-and-dance man, put his unique stamp on the end of each episode by crooning a tune to his Park Avenue gal.

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     The Barton Case  The Harry Baker Case  The House of Mystery Case  
     The Ralph Chase Case  The Van Dyke Seance Case  The John Blackwell Case  
     The Stolen Purse  The Jerome J. Jerome Case  A Christmas Carol  
     The Betty Moran Case  The $200,000 Bundle  The Thomas Jason Case  
     The Fred Sears Murder Case  The Gibson Murder Case  The Butcher Shops Case  
     The Tom Waxman Bombing Case  The Bogus Bills Case  Mr. Victor's Daughter  
     The Bloody Hat Case  The Rene Bennett Protection Case  Martin White Sees Dead Men  
     Charles Walsh, Bob Wells  The Bill Kirby Murder Case  To Guard a Seal  
     The Man Who Hated Women  The Singing Critic    
     The Martin Hyer Case  The $50,000 Diamond Heist    
     The Lynn Knight Case  The Jacoby Case    
     The Jean Cooper Murder Case  The William Carter Case    
     The Eddie Garrett Case  The Ruby Idol Case