The Adventures of Philip Marlowe
brought a voice to the hard-boiled detective created by Raymond Chandler and made popular in his series of best-selling books.  Marlowe refined the classic type by being a chess player and classical music lover while maintaining his cynical, no-nonsense approach.

The series first aired on NBC in 1947 featuring Van Heflin in the starring role but lasted only a few months.  CBS revived the program a year later with Gerald Mohr (pictured) playing Marlowe.  The revamped incarnation proved a hit with listeners and provided weekly broadcasts through the summer of 1951.  By 1949, it had become the most popular show on radio.

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     The Dear Dead Days        
     Life Can Be Murder        
     The Good Neighbor Policy        
     The Long Way Home        
     The Young Man's Fancy        
     Heir for G-Strong (rehearsal)        
     Heir for G-String        
     Nether Nether Land (rehearsal)        
     Nether Nether Land        
     The Medium Was Rare        
     The Sound and the Unsound