The Adventures of Philip Marlowe
brought a voice to the hard-boiled detective created by Raymond Chandler and made popular in his series of best-selling books.  Marlowe refined the classic type by being a chess player and classical music lover while maintaining his cynical, no-nonsense approach.

The series first aired on NBC in 1947 featuring Van Heflin in the starring role but lasted only a few months.  CBS revived the program a year later with Gerald Mohr (pictured) playing Marlowe.  The revamped incarnation proved a hit with listeners and provided weekly broadcasts through the summer of 1951.  By 1949, it had become the most popular show on radio.

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     The Smokeout  The Monkey's Uncle  The Pelican's Roost    
     The Green Witch  The Vital Statistic  The Girl from Pitchfork Corners    
     The Fine Italian Hand  The Deep Shadow  The Iron Coffin    
     The Birds on the Wing  The Sword of Cebu  The Last Wish    
     The Kid on the Corner  The Man on the Roof  The Glass Donkey    
     The Little Wishbone  The Anniversary Gift  The Parrot's Bed    
     The House That Jacqueline Built  The Angry Eagle  The Quiet Magpie    
     The Torch Carriers  The High Collared Cape  The Dark Tunnel    
     The Covered Bridge  The Sea Horse Jockey  The Collector's Item    
     The Bid for Freedom  The Hiding Place  The Soft Spot    
     The Hairpin Turn  The Fox's Tail  The Fifth Mask    
     The Long Arm  The Bedside Manners  The Final Payment    
     The Grim Echo  The Uneasy Head  The White Carnation    
     The Ladies Night  Face to Forget  The Big Book    
     The Big Step  The Gold Cobra  A Seaside Sabbatical