The Adventures of Philip Marlowe brought a voice to the hard-boiled detective created by Raymond Chandler and made popular in his series of best-selling books.  Marlowe refined the classic type by being a chess player and classical music lover while maintaining his cynical, no-nonsense approach.

The series first aired on NBC in 1947 featuring Van Heflin in the starring role but lasted only a few months.  CBS revived the program a year later with Gerald Mohr (pictured) playing Marlowe.  The revamped incarnation proved a hit with listeners and provided weekly broadcasts through the summer of 1951.  By 1949, it had become the most popular show on radio.

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     Red Wind  The Grim Hunters  The Key Man    
     The Persian Slippers  The Dancing Hands  The Dude from Manhattan    
     The Panama Hat  The Green Flame  The Headless Peacock    
     Where There's a Will  The Last Laugh  Mexican Boat Ride    
     The Heart of Gold  The Name to Remember  The August Lion    
     Trouble Is My Business  The Heat Wave  The Indian Giver    
     The Hard Way Out  The Cloak of Klamehameha  The Lady Killer    
     The Old Acquaintance  The Lady in Mink  The Eager Witness    
     The Restless Day  The Feminine Touch  The Bum's Rush    
     The Black Halo  The Promise to Pay  The Rustin Hickory    
     The Orange Dog  Night Tide  The Baton Sinister    
     The Easy Mark  The Ebony Link  The Fatted Calf    
     The Long Rope  The Unfair Lady  The Tale of the Mermaid    
     The Lonesome Reunion  The Pigeon's Blood  The Open Window    
     The Friend From Detroit  The Busy Body  The Strangle Hold