Mystery House was named for "that strange publishing firm owned by Dan and Barbara Glenn, where every new novel is acted out by the Mystery House staff before it is accepted for publication."  An interesting premise, although in reality little is known about the show, including whether the publishing company or the Glenns themselves even existed.  Details are sketchy, but it appears the show began airing in 1929 and was still being broadcast as late as 1951, though not in a continuous run.  In any event, surviving episodes are rare and quite entertaining.

Please note that the audio for some episodes is of poor quality, even after extensive professional processing.  Still, we are offering them here for posterity's sake and hope you enjoy them.  Episodes are about half an hour long.

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     Death at Deadline  Murder in Paradise  Murder Hires a Hall  
     A Short Life for Mary  A Case of Homicide  Bases Loaded  
     Malice in Wonderland  Death in the Saddle  Time to Kill  
     Complete With Quartet  Sub-Rosa Justice  Dagger in the Dark  
     Sauce for the Goose  Laugh? I Thought I'd Die!  A Vacation from Murder  
     Well, Well, Another Body  Murder Takes Practice  Drop Me a Line  
     Death Passed My Window  Death With a Punch  Operation Murder  
     Death House of Blues  The Composite Killer  Murder Is an Art  
     Danger: Man at Bay  Murder Me Gently  Death Is an Accident  
     Murder for Laughs  Bury Me Not    
     A New Lease on Death  A Killing in the Market