Mr. and Mrs. North featured publisher Jerry North and wife Pam as an amateur sleuthing couple who were able to solve mysteries which baffled police and other experts.  Based on a series of books by Richard Lockridge, the show was a hit with fans and critics alike, winning a Best Radio Drama Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America in 1946.  The couple's wise-cracking repartee, even in the face of danger, made the well-paced scripts sparkle and endeared the Norths to millions of listeners.

The half-hour episodes ran on NBC and CBS from 1942 through 1955 with Joseph Curtin and Alice Frost (pictured) in the starring roles, later replaced by Barbara Britton and Richard Denning.

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     Diehard  Nightwalk chapter 1 (approx. 15 minutes)    
     Shoot to Kill  Nightwalk chapter 2 (approx. 15 minutes)    
     Death is Forever  Nightwalk chapter 3 (approx. 15 minutes)    
     Man with a Rifle  Nightwalk chapter 4 (approx. 15 minutes)    
     Too Late to Die  Nightwalk chapter 5 (approx. 15 minutes)    
     Checkmate  Nightwalk chapters 1- 5 complete (approx. 75 minutes)  
     Snowbound  The Deadly Doll    
     Cry Foul  Touch of Death    
     Collector's Item  Picnic (1941 pre-series stand-alone episode starring
      Carl Eastman and Peggy Conklin)
     Winter Honeymoon
     Fallen Star      
     Two Deaths for a Hero      
     Death Trap      
     Operation Murder      
        Deadly Innocence