Molle' Mystery Theater was NBC's iteration of a popular series which aired additionally on ABC and CBS from 1943 through 1952 under several different names.  It was narrated-or rather 'annotated'- by amateur criminologist Geoffrey Barnes (played by Bernard Lenlow, pictured) who helped the listener understand what was going on.  Molle' (moe-lay') brand shaving cream sponsored the program.

Please note that many of these episodes are AFRS versions (Armed Forces Radio Service).  They present as Mystery Playhouse, a series which picked the best of the mystery shows at the time, including this one, and broadcast them to the troops.  The intros and outros were changed (most often narrated by Peter Lorre) and ads removed, but the stories themselves were left intact, and are indeed Molle' Mystery Theater episodes.

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     St. Louis Lady  Zelma's Boy    
     Two Men in a Furnished Room  The Four Fatal Jugglers    
     The Rival Dummy  The Betrayer    
     Radio Patrol  Make No Mistake    
     Angel Face  Close Shave    
     Corpus Delicti  Solo Performance    
     The Bride Wore Black      
     Triangle of Death      
     Kenny 'Angles' Andrews Returns      
     The Double-Cross      
     Talk Them to Death      
     Challenge to the Listener      
     Good-bye Darling      
     Death Wears a Mask      
     Death Goes Shopping