The Adventures of Michael Shayne, Private Detective was the radio iteration of a successful franchise that began in the 30's with a series of books and eventually included movies, magazines and a TV show.  Starring Wally Maher and later Jeff Chandler (pictured) as the 'reckless red-headed Irishman', the episodes were cleverly plotted with high-quality scripts and characterizations. The series was very popular with hardboiled-hungry fans, airing under several title variations from 1944 to 1953. 

The talented cast included Cathy Lewis as secretary Phyllis Knight and Joe Forte as Lieutenant Farraday. Lewis would later make her mark on pop culture by lending her voice talents to classic 60's animated TV show Jonny Quest.

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     The Newton Murder Case  Tire Oriental Lines  The Case of the Purloined Corpse
     The Ghost of Moccasin Hill  Strange Business Call  The Case of the Hunted Bride
     The Left-Handed Clue  Museum Thefts  The Case of the Left-Handed Fan
     The Body in the Trunk  The Missing Body  The Case of the Blood-Stained Pearls
     Pirates in San Francisco Bay  Dr. Grant's Dilemma  The Case of the Phantom Gun  
     Big Voice Means a Big Body  The Red Lead Mystery  The Case of the Hate that Killed
     Date With a Wedding  Behind the Footlights  The Case of the Grey-Eyed Blonde
     The Murder Trial of Jack Holmes  Signed R.E.M.  The Case of the Generous Killer
     Re-Create a Murder  John Crowder's Body  The Case of the Crooked Wheel
     Mary Noble Suspects Uncle Briggs  Mr. Dixon's Life's in Danger  The Case of the Eager Victim
     Investment in an Invention  Return to Huxley  The Case of the Popular Corpse
     William Pringle  The Poisoned Fan  The Case of the Bayou Monster
     Body by the Piano  Judge Thornton Shot  A Problem in Murder
     The Malcolm Boyd Case  Pursuit of Death  The Case of the High-Priced Twins
     Gossip Writer  The Case of the Wandering Footprints  The Case of the Carnival Killer