Let George Do It  featured Bob Bailey (who later voiced Johnny Dollar) as G.I.-turned-P.I. George Valentine.  What began as a sitcom, complete with live laugh-it-up studio audiences, quickly transitioned into one of the most popular detective shows of the era.  George's backstory as an ex-soldier and 'everyman' returning to civilian life struck a chord with audiences immediately following WWII, prompting a highly successful run of the half-hour episodes from 1946 through 1954.

The show was buoyed equally by (1) brilliant script-writing and (2) one of the most beloved 'sidekicks' in radio history, the street-wise yet charming Claire "Brooksie" Brooks, played by Frances Robinson (pictured at left with Bailey).   

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     Destination, Danger  Three Times and Out  Calle Reposo  
     The Meddler  The Greystone Ghost  Dead on Arrival  
     Off the Record  The Forgotten Murder  The Stand-In  
     The Last Payoff  Operation Europa    
     Stolen Goods  Come to the Casbah    
     A School of Sharks  The Iron Hat    
     The Bad Little God  It Happened on Friday    
     A Matter of Honor  The Violent Van Pattons    
     The Common Denominator  The Mystic    
     Surprise, Surprise  Seed of Destruction    
     Cortez Island  Human Nature  
     The Symbol Three  Once a Crook    
     The Starlight Pier  Chance and Probability    
     The Deadly Pines  The Four Seasons    
     The Darkest Shadow  The Dead of Night