Let George Do It  featured Bob Bailey (who later voiced Johnny Dollar) as G.I.-turned-P.I. George Valentine.  What began as a sitcom, complete with live laugh-it-up studio audiences, quickly transitioned into one of the most popular detective shows of the era.  George's backstory as an ex-soldier and 'everyman' returning to civilian life struck a chord with audiences immediately following WWII, prompting a highly successful run of the half-hour episodes from 1946 through 1954.

The show was buoyed equally by (1) brilliant script-writing and (2) one of the most beloved 'sidekicks' in radio history, the street-wise yet charming Claire "Brooksie" Brooks, played by Frances Robinson (pictured at left with Bailey).   

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     The Witch of Mill Hollow  The White Elephant  Tongalani  
     The Iron Cat  Cover for an Hour  How Guilty Can You Get  
     Solo in Whispers  Tag-You're It!  See Me Once, You've Seen Me Twice
     Most Likely to Die  The House that Jack Built  The Public Eye  
     The Scream of the Eagle  The Spider and the Fly  The Prairie Dog  
     Island in the Desert  A Visit from Merlin  Murder for Two  
     Eleven O'Clock  Angel's Grotto  No Escape from the Jungle  
     The Golden Lizard  And Hope to Die  The Eight Ball  
     The Voice of the Giant  The Bookworm Turns  Uncle Harry's Bones  
     Sweet Are the Uses of Publicity  Opportunity Knocks Twice  The Noose Hangs High  
     The High Price of a Penny  Santa Claus in Glass  Sabotage
     The Treasure of Millie's Wharf  The Man Behind the Frame  Framed for Hanging  
     High Card  Tune on a Triangle  No Way Out  
     It's a Mystery to Me  Knock on Wood  A Crime Too Simple  
     Second Degree Affection  Christmas in January  The Woman in Black