Let George Do It  featured Bob Bailey (who later voiced Johnny Dollar) as G.I.-turned-P.I. George Valentine.  What began as a sitcom, complete with live laugh-it-up studio audiences, quickly transitioned into one of the most popular detective shows of the era.  George's backstory as an ex-soldier and 'everyman' returning to civilian life struck a chord with audiences immediately following WWII, prompting a highly successful run of the half-hour episodes from 1946 through 1954.

The show was buoyed equally by (1) brilliant script-writing and (2) one of the most beloved 'sidekicks' in radio history, the street-wise yet charming Claire "Brooksie" Brooks, played by Frances Robinson (pictured at left with Bailey).   

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     42 On a Rope  The Seven Murders  The Malignant Heart  
     The Smugglers  The Money Maker  Death in Fancy Dress  
     Am I My Brother's Keeper?  The Perfect Specimen  Murder and One To Go  
     The Bewildered Bird Watcher  The Ghost on Bliss Terrace  The Corpse on a Caper  
     The Wolf Pack  The Corpse That Took a Powder  Til Death Do Us Part  
     Under the River  A Minor Case of Murder  Mayhem By Experts  
     The Spirit World  The Impatient Redhead  Destination Dead End  
     Friendship Clubs  The Father Who Had Nothing to Say  Journey Into Hate  
     Have Some Excitement  The Hearse Was Painted Pink  Your Money or Your Life  
     Hired for a Bodyguard  The Little Man Who Was Everywhere  The Roundabout Murder  
     Problem Child  The Seven Dead Years  The Motive is Murder
     The Racket  The Flowers That Smelled of Murder  Four-Sided Triangle  
     Murder Me Twice  Murder-It's a Gift  The Host of Casa Diablo  
     A Close Call  Who Is Sylvia?  The Elusive Hundred Grand  
     Cry Murder  Stand-In for Murder  The Lady in Distress