Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
was a radio suspense/drama featuring "the transcribed adventures of the man with the action-packed expense account - America's fabulous freelance insurance investigator."  Johnny was tough and smart as he investigated all kinds of insurance shenanigans, including theft, fraud and even murder. 

Several actors starred in the lead role over the run of the show, including Charles Russell, Edmond O'Brien, John Lund and Bob Bailey (pictured).  The show aired from January 14, 1949 to September 30, 1962.

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     The Wayward Sculptor Matter  The Double Identity Matter  The Sidewinder Matter  
     The Life at Stake Matter  The Missing Missile Matter  The P.O. Matter  
     The Frantic Fisherman Matter  The Hand of Providential Matter  The Alvin's Alfred Matter  
     The Will and a Way Matter  The Larson Arson Matter  The Look Before You Leap Matter  
     The Bolt Out of the Blue Matter  The Bayou Body Matter  The Moonshine Matter  
     The Deadly Chain Matter  The Fancy Bridgework Matter  The Deep Down Matter  
     The Lost By a Hair Matter  The Wrong Man Matter  The Saturday Night Matter  
     The Night in Paris Matter  The Sudden Wealth Matter  The Henry J. Unger Matter  
     The Embarcadero Matter  The Red Mystery Matter  The Port-Au-Prince Haiti Matter  
     The Really Gone Matter  The Burning Desire Matter  The Belo Horizonte Railroad Matter  
     The Backfire that Backfired Matter  The Hapless Ham Matter  The Mr. and Mrs. Trump Matter  
     The Leumas Matter  The Unholy Two Matter  The Jack Madigan Matter  
     The Little Man Who Wasn't There Matter  The Evaporated Clue Matter  The Virginia Beach Matter  
     The Buffalo Matter (part 1)  The Nuclear Goof Matter  The Yankee Pride Matter  
     The Buffalo Matter (part 2)  The Merry-Go-Round Matter  The Earl Chadwick Matter