Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
was a radio suspense/drama featuring "the transcribed adventures of the man with the action-packed expense account - America's fabulous freelance insurance investigator."  Johnny was tough and smart as he investigated all kinds of insurance shenanigans, including theft, fraud and even murder. 

Several actors starred in the lead role over the run of the show, including Charles Russell, Edmond O'Brien, John Lund and Bob Bailey (pictured).  The show aired from January 14, 1949 to September 30, 1962.

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     The Diamond Dilemma Matter  The Virtuous Mobster Matter  The Date with Death Matter  
     The Wayward Moth Matter  The Ugly Pattern Matter  The Shankar Diamond Matter  
     The Salkoff Sequel Matter  The Blinker Matter  The Blue Madonna Matter  
     The Denver Dispersal Matter  The Mojave Red Matter  The Net of Circumstance Matter  
     The Killer's List Matter  The Mojave Red Sequel  The Baldero Matter  
     The Eastern-Western Matter  The Wayward Killer Matter  The Lake Mead Mystery Matter  
     The Wayward Money Matter  The Two-Faced Matter  The Jimmy Carter Matter  
     The Wayward Trout Matter  The Malibu Mystery Matter  The Fair-Weather Friend Matter  
     The Village of Virtue Matter  The Wayward Diamonds Matter  The Cautious Celibate Matter  
     The Carson Arson Matter  The Johnson Payroll Matter  The Winsome Widow Matter  
     The Rolling Stone Matter  The Gruesome Spectacle Matter  The Fatal Filet Matter  
     The Ghost to Ghost Matter  The Hair Raising Matter  The Twin Trouble Matter  
     The Midnight Sun Matter  The Hollywood Mystery Matter  The Cask of Death Matter  
     The Wayward River Matter  The Deadly Doubt Matter  The Big H Matter  
     The Delectable Damsel Matter  The Doting Dowager Matter  The Wayward Heiress Matter