Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
was a radio suspense/drama featuring "the transcribed adventures of the man with the action-packed expense account - America's fabulous freelance insurance investigator."  Johnny was tough and smart as he investigated all kinds of insurance shenanigans, including theft, fraud and even murder. 

Several actors starred in the lead role over the run of the show, including Charles Russell, Edmond O'Brien, John Lund and Bob Bailey (pictured).  The show aired from January 14, 1949 to September 30, 1962.

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     The Big Scoop Matter  The Clever Chemist Matter  The Smoky Sleeper Matter  
     The Markham Matter  The Ming Toy Murphy Matter  The Poor Little Rich Girl Matter  
     The Royal Street Matter  The Melancholy Memory Matter  The Charmona Matter  
     The Burning Car Matter  The Peerless Fire Matter  The JPD Matter  
     The Rasmusson Matter  The Michael Meany Mirage Matter  The Ideal Vacation Matter  
     The Missing Mouse Matter  The Wayward Truck Matter  The Doubtful Dairy Matter  
     The Squared Circle Matter  The Mason-Dixon Mismatch Matter  The Bum Steer Matter  
     The Ellen Dear Matter  The Dixon Murder Matter  The Silver Belle Matter  
     The DeSalles Matter  The Funny Money Matter  The Mary Grace Matter  
     The Blooming Blossom Matter  The Felicity Feline Matter  The Happy Family Matter  
     The Mad Hatter Matter  The Hearthstone Players Matter  The Latin Lovely Matter  
     The Kirby Will Matter  The Yours Truly Matter  The Ingenious Jeweler Matter  
     The Templeton Matter  The Confederate Coinage Matter  The Boron 112 Matter  
     The Meek Memorial Matter  The Wayward Widow Matter  The Price of Fame Matter  
     The Suntan Oil Matter  The Killer's Brand Matter  The Durango Laramie Matter