The Inner Sanctum Mysteries
featured stories of mystery, terror and suspense.  Each episode began with the show's eerie trademark, a squeaking door, followed by creepy organ music (supplied by Lew White) and a host who sardonically wise-cracked his way through the introduction.  Raymond Edward Johnson began as host, later replaced by Paul McGrath.

Many established stars played roles in the series, including Peter Lorre, Helen Hayes, Mary Astor, Frank Sinatra and Orson Welles.  The program ran from January 7, 1941 to October 5, 1952.

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     Terror By Night  Dead Man's Holiday  Skeleton Bay    
     Corridor of Doom  The Man Who Couldn't Die  No Rest for the Dead    
     Death Across the Board  Make Ready My Grave  The Edge of Death    
     Murder Takes a Honeymoon  Flame of Death  The Deadly Dummy    
     Bird Song for a Murderer  Murder Off the Record  The Death Deal    
     The Undead  Between Two Worlds  The Lost Refrain    
     The Melody of Death  The Girl and the Gallows  I Walk in the Night    
     The Meek Die Slowly  The Man from Yesterday  The Listener    
     Terror by Night  The Corpse Nobody Loved  The Black Sea Gull