The Adventures of Ellery Queen
enjoyed a successful run from 1939-48.  Its popularity was due in large part to the unique format, which featured guest 'armchair detectives' (usually celebrities) who would try to guess the solution before it was revealed at the end of the program.  Listeners were also encouraged to gather clues throughout the show and match wits with Queen and the guest detectives.

The title character, played by Hugh Marlowe (pictured) followed by four others, was often aided by his father Richard, a police inspector.  Rounding out the cast were Queen's secretary Nikki Porter, and the inspector's assistant, Sergeant Velie.

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     The Vanishing Magician  The Three Frogs  The Big Mistake  
     Dead Man's Cavern  The World Series Crime  The Canned Music  
     Man in the Street      Minute Mysteries  The Lady Spectator  
     Nick the Knife  The Tell-Tale Desk  The Psychological Error  
     Nikki Porter, Suspect  The Crossword Puzzle Murder  The Illegal Entry  
     Number 31  The Wheel of Fortune  The Deep-Sea Murder  
     One Diamond  The Simple Slip  The Rocking Chair Fraud  
     The Mischief Maker  The Kidnap Caper  The Sunken Moment  
     The Armchair Detective  The Counterfeit Politician  The Bad Man's Bad Man  
     The Bad Boy  The Bathtub Murder  The Chinese Stamp Caper  
     The Circus Train  The Wrong Word  The Deserted Island  
     The Foul Tip  The Whiskey Mystery  The Mysterious Ham  
     The Message in Red  The Phony Promoter  The Sour Note  
     The Saga of Ruffy Rux  The Curious Gangland Killing  The Twisted Cable  
     The Scarecrow and the Snowman  The Genuine Article  The Suspicious Sneeze  
     The Singing Rat  The Time Bomb  The Deadly Art Dealer