was a long-running and very popular procedural police drama.  Episodes were based on actual cases from Los Angeles Police Department files and were presented with stark realism.  Although the show featured fictional sergeant Joe Friday (played by Jack Webb, pictured, who was also the show's creator), its cast included the names of several real-life LAPD officials. 

Authentic in every detail, the stories described all aspects of real police work-the drudgery as well as the danger-even including such realistic touches as the use of the LAPD's radio call signal KMA-367.

The landmark show kept fans spellbound from 1949 through 1957 on NBC, in the end being supplanted by its equally-popular TV counterpart.

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     The Big Sophomore  The Big Affair  The Big Border  
     The Big Late Script  The Big Canaries  The Big Rose  
     The Big Screen  The Big Overtime  The Big Streetcar  
     The Big Winchester  The Big Sorrow  The Big Show  
     The Big In-Laws  The Big Red (part 1)  The Big Bunco  
     The Big Crazy  The Big Red (part 2)  The Big Elevator  
     The Big Seventeen  The Big Juvenile Division  The Big Safe  
     The Big Waiter  The Big Court  The Big Gamble  
     The Big Sour  The Big Almost No-Show  The Big Mail  
     The Big September  The Big Honeymoon  The Big Shakedown  
     The Big Shoplift  The Big Phone Call  The Big Fourth  
     The Big Lease  The Big Producer  The Big Whiff  
     The Big Hit-and-Run Killer  The Big Plant  The Big Bull  
     The Big Bungalow  The Big Evans  The Big Shot  
     The Big Hands  The Big Fire  The Big Little Jesus