was a long-running and very popular procedural police drama.  Episodes were based on actual cases from Los Angeles Police Department files and were presented with stark realism.  Although the show featured fictional sergeant Joe Friday (played by Jack Webb, pictured, who was also the show's creator), its cast included the names of several real-life LAPD officials. 

Authentic in every detail, the stories described all aspects of real police work-the drudgery as well as the danger-even including such realistic touches as the use of the LAPD's radio call signal KMA-367.

The landmark show kept fans spellbound from 1949 through 1957 on NBC, in the end being supplanted by its equally-popular TV counterpart.

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     George Slocum, Thief  James Vickers-Cop Killing  The Big Thank You  
     The Nickel-Plated Gun  Brick-Bat Slayer  The Big Boys  
     The Werewolf  Tom Laval-Truck Hijackers  The Big Gangster (part 1)  
     Quick-Trigger Gunmen  Mother-in-Law Murder  The Big Gangster (part 2)  
     Who Killed Helen Corday?  Spring Street Murder  The Big Book  
     The Red Light Bandit  The Jade Thumb Rings  The Big Watch  
     City Hall Bombing  .22 Rifle for Christmas  The Big Trial  
     The Big Missing  The Roseland Roof Murders  The Big Job  
     Benny Trounsel  The Big Escape  The Big Badge  
     The Maniac Murderer  The Big Man (part 1)  The Big Knife  
     Master Jewel Thief  The Big Man (part 2)  The Big Pug  
     The Blitz Bandits  Claude Jimmerson, Child Killer  The Big Key  
     Myra the Redhead  The Big Girl  The Big Fake  
     The Missing Woman  The Big Grifter  The Big Smart Guy  
     Sullivan Kidnapping-The Wolf  The Big Kill  The Big Purse