Casey, Crime Photographer was a media franchise featured not only on radio but in film, theater, books and magazines from the 30's through the 60's.  Jack Casey solved crimes while on assignment as a photographer for The Morning Express newspaper, then regaled friends with his stories at his favorite jazz club, the Blue Note.

Staats Cotsworth (pictured, along with co-star Jan Miner) shared the starring role with Matt Crowley.  He was aided by reporter Ann Williams (Miner).  The show ran from 1943 to 1954 under various titles, including Crime Photographer, Flashgun Casey and Casey Press Photographer.

Please note the first episode's sound quality improves greatly after the first 3.5 minutes.

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     The Case of the Switched Plates  The Mysterious Lodger  The Tobacco Pouch    
     The Clue in the Clouds  The Demon Miner  The Treasure Cave    
     Self-Made Hero  The Box of Death  Miscarriage of Justice    
     Cupid is a Killer  The Gentle Strangler  The Wedding Breakfast    
     Earned Reward  King of the Apes  The Camera Bug    
     Graveyard Gertie  The Laughing Killer  Lady in Distress    
     The Reunion  Pick-Up  Great-Grandfather's Gift Receipt  
     Tooth for a Tooth  The Lady Killer  The Blonde's Lipstick    
     The Red Raincoat  Photo of the Dead  Too Many Angels    
     The Handkerchief  Death in Lover's Lane  After Turkey, the Bill    
     The Duke of Skid Row  Bright New Star  The Serpent Goddess    
     Christmas Shopping  The Chivalrous Gunman  The New Will    
     The Surprising Corpse  Busman's Holiday  The Life of the Party    
     The Grey Kitten  Hideout  The Santa Claus of Burns Blvd.    
     The Twenty-Minute Alibi  The Loaded Dice  Hot New Year's Party