Boston Blackie, the private detective with sharp mind and pun-prone tongue, was originally created by author Jack Doyle.  His early appearances were in magazine short stories and films of the early 20th century.  He became a fixture in the golden age of radio starting in 1944 on NBC.  The show was a hit with listeners and ran through 1950.

The title character was most famously played by Chester Morris (pictured).  Also featured were his romantic interest Mary Wesley (played by Lesley Woods) and clueless police inspector Farraday (Maurice Tarplin).  Witty, well-scripted exchanges between Blackie and Farraday became a trademark of sorts, contributing considerably to the show's unwavering popularity.

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     The Jonathan Diamond  Blackie's Car Kills a Woman  Atkins, Jewel Thief    
     The Manletter Bank Case  The Case of the 3-Way Split  Murder at the Movies    
     The Star of the Nile  Mary at Sea  TV Poisoning    
     Black Market Blackie  The Hypnotic Murder  The Masters Diamond    
     The Devon Caretaker Murder  The Evelyn Jones Murder  The Murdered Sword Swallower    
     The Spy Ring  Blackie Steals a Necklace for Charity  The Disappearing Body    
     The Missing String of Pearls  Bill Crane, Attorney  The Jim Williams Inheritance Case    
     The Wentworth Diamonds  Blood on Blackie's Sleeve  The Brandon Jewel Robbery    
     The Murder of John Walters  Kingston Unlucky at Cards  The Condon Ransom    
     Coverup for Mary  The Copy of the Diamond Bracelet  Harry Benson Murders His Wife    
     Uncle Bill Blaine's Legacy  Boxer's Murder Case  A Vase Leads to Murder    
     Mrs. Boston Blackie  Richard's Diamond Case  Tom Evers Murders with an Alibi    
     Oscar Wolfe, Troublemaker  Mary Disappears  Lee Chow Murdered    
     Sam Bellows is Dead  The Amnesia Victim  The Worthington Ghost    
     The Larry Brown Case  Murder in the Music Room  Pierre the Designer    
     Blackie Jilts Mary  Blackie Kidnapped  Murder on the Trapeze    
     The Worthington Pearls  The Simmons Construction Murder  Murder on Cedar Street