Barry Craig, Confidential Investigator brought a new laid-back attitude to the hard-boiled detective genre. Although never afraid of a fight, Craig (played by William Gargan-pictured) was as likely to roll with the punches as throw them. Gargan's previous employment as a real-life gumshoe helped temper his portrayal with an empathetic tone.

Lt. Travis Rogers was played by Ralph Bell, joined by announcer and future game show/Saturday Night Live voice-over star Don Pardo (The Price is Right, Jeopardy, Jackpot, etc). The half-hour episodes aired initially from 1951-54 on NBC in New York.  A production move to Hollywood brought a name change ('Barrie' Craig) and a fresh batch of episodes for 1954-55. 

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     Ghosts Don't Die in Bed  Nobody Lives There Anymore  Confession of Murder  
     Life Line  The Moving Target  Visitor at Midnight  
     The Sneak Assassin  Sweet Larceny  Sucker Bait  
     Dead Bull in a China Shop  Corpse on the Town  Two Dead Men  
     Angel of Death  Never Murder a Mummy