There were literally dozens of detective programs during the Golden Age of Radio. Here you'll find some which were either not as popular as the cream-of-the-crop on our main page, or don't have enough surviving episodes to warrant a whole section to themselves. These may not be as well-known as some of the others, but still feature many high-profile stars, interesting plots and good ol' mysterious fun.

Hover over any program title (without clicking) to see a brief description. All episodes are approximately 30 minutes unless otherwise noted. We'll continue to add shows so check back often!

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     The Price of Sugar  The Fortune Teller (Season 3 Pilot Proposal)
     The Fabulous Divorce Payoff  
     The Vacant Lot Murder Case  The Donna Dunham Case  Bruce Burke Murder Frame-Up  
     The Golden Girl Murder Case  The Cable Car Case  Charles Avon, Druggist  
     The Defrosted Refrigerator Murder Case  The Fort Ord Story  The Cemetary Attack  
     The High Style Murder Case  The Devil in the Deep Freeze  The Joan Bradly Case  
     The Mastermind Murder Case  Jack Frost  The Abigail Chrisenberry Case  
     The Dark Cigarette Murder Case  Valley of the Moon  Old Man Krause's Newsstand  
     The Nickles and Dimes Murder Case  NC9-8012  La Grand Maison, 3rd Booth  
     The Two Fiancees Murder Case  The Eric Spaulding Concert  Angela Wentworth's Uncle  
     The Empty Ashtray Murder Case  Symphony of Death  Stoney Carter  
     The Society Writer Murder Case  The Movie Company  Cafe Tropical and Bruce Eldridge  
     The Egyptian Amulet  Bubbles Greko and the Bubbles Club
     The Missing Heiress  San Juan Bautista  The Cufflink Is  
     Pattern for Murder  Candy's Last Case  The Masquerade Party